Policies, Premiums and Deductibles, Oh My!

Which plan costs the most? How do I know I’ll get adequate care from my in-network doctors? Why is this so complicated?

Whether you are trying to decide between the different plan options your employee benefits offer or you just turned 26 and are trying to navigate this new world, making sure you’ve chosen the right healthcare plan is incredibly important and in turn, incredibly challenging. Talk of annual premiums and deductibles tends to make peoples’ heads spin and while this jargon may make sense to medical professionals and insurers, it leaves most in a state of utter confusion. It also doesn’t help that the rule of Medicare can change slightly every year.

It’s best to start by using the resources at your disposal. HealthCare.gov has updated their website to make looking for a plan manageable. The site will also help you figure out your state’s marketplace for insurance and when enrollment ends. It’s also important to review other plan options even if you’re happy with your current plan (as stated before, things can change from year to year). Make sure to consider how often and to what extent you use your healthcare and to compare not just monthly costs but yearly ones as well. While focusing on your monthly premium is important many make the mistake of not taking into account deductibles and co-payments adding up.

If in doubt it’s best to seek out help. There are trained professionals who offer free help and advice. Places like the Family Health Care Foundation help assemble necessary documents and co-navigate this incredibly confusing and vast world of healthcare. It’s hard to pick the right plan but with the right information and help, it’s close to simple. 

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