Maintain compliance and gain a competitive edge.

Avoid high fees and negotiate lower prices with access to powerful market data.

Hi Neo for Hospitals

A new way to care for patients.

Hi Neo helps hospitals navigate the complex world of healthcare pricing with ease.

Compare rates.

Understand how your negotiated rates compare with other hospitals, allowing you to make strategic decisions to stay competitive.

Reduce costs.

Find opportunities to negotiate better deals on a range of procedures to optimize cost management and reduce overall healthcare expenses.

Serve patients.

Lessen the burden of care costs by negotiating competitive, high-value care at a more affordable, accessible price.

Why It Matters

Hi Neo’s platform makes a valuable addition to any hospital cost reduction strategy. The powerful tool provides hospitals with the market data to make informed financial decisions, improve revenue streams, maintain a healthier financial standing and remain competitive in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

Benefits Built for Hospitals

Adhere to CMS’ rules around pricing transparency in coverage to avoid hundreds of thousands—or millions for hospitals with 500+ beds—in penalties for failed compliance. Hi Neo makes it easy to navigate the complex and ever-changing healthcare regulations.

Research indicates that when patients have a better idea of care costs, there is an increase in upfront collection and bill payments. Hi Neo gives users the ability to choose the provider that both fits their budget and meets their expectations.

Studies show that 60% of patients are more likely to choose a provider that publishes prices than a provider that does not. Giving potential patients a clear view of costs from the beginning can eliminate confusion and boost confidence.

Provide patients with transparent and accurate cost estimates for medical procedures, enabling more informed decisions and greater trust in your organization.

Saving Stories

High quality care. Lower costs. One Hi Neo and California Blue customer chose the 5-star CMS-rated hospital over lesser rated hospitals in their area and saved $9,896.43 in out-of-pocket expenses.

Features Designed for Patients

Familiar Experience

Just like shopping for hotels or flights.

Plan-specific Filters

With deductible and copay estimates.

Simple Search Tools

For finding procedure details in no time.

Accurate Cost Estimation

From synthesizing insurance & provider data.


Compare procedures. Save money.
Make more informed healthcare decisions.