Lower healthcare costs for all.

Equip clients with the ultimate cost-saving healthcare tool.

Hi Neo For TPAs

A new way to empower your clients.

Hi Neo is revolutionizing the way we navigate healthcare pricing, making it easy to compare providers and make informed decisions.

Simplify cost comparison.

Streamline the process of comparing healthcare procedure pricing for your clients. With a few clicks, access relevant providers, estimate plan-specific expenses and choose cost-effective care.

Uphold care standards.

Assure clients that lower prices don't have to sacrifice quality. Hi Neo allows users to consider both pricing and provider ratings to identify the best value option.

Drive cost savings.

Enable more cost-effective decisions that reduce healthcare expenses for individuals, employers and third-party administrators.

Why It Matters

What can you do to reduce healthcare costs? Provide your clients with the latest in price comparison technology—Hi Neo helps individuals and employers navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape and discover significant savings opportunities.

Benefits Built for Third Party Administrators

Give your clients access to the tool they need to make informed, cost-effective decisions about healthcare—leading to a healthier bottom line for all parties involved.

Staying compliant with pricing transparency rules and regulations can be challenging. Hi Neo is here to assist TPAs and their clients in navigating healthcare regulations with ease.

Enhance your existing client experience with a seamless, simple dashboard with tools designed to make searching for procedures and comparing vital information easy and efficient.

Enable more confident decision-making with comprehensive cost estimates based on insurance coverage, including deductibles and copays.

Strengthen the bond between your TPA and your clients to make healthcare pricing more transparent and save everyone money.

Saving Stories

High quality care. Lower costs. One Hi Neo and California Blue customer chose the 5-star CMS-rated hospital over lesser rated hospitals in their area and saved $9,896.43 in out-of-pocket expenses.

Features Designed for Clients

Familiar Experience

Just like shopping for hotels or flights.

Plan-specific Filters

With deductible and copay estimates.

Simple Search Tools

For finding procedure details in no time.

Accurate Cost Estimation

From synthesizing insurance & provider data.


Compare procedures. Save money.
Make more informed healthcare decisions.