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Price transparency is going to change the way we experience healthcare. Together we can navigate the complexities and embrace the benefits to build a happier, healthier future.

Hi Neo - Price Transparency

What does healthcare price transparency mean?

The “Transparency in Coverage” rule, part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is bringing big changes to healthcare. It requires that health plans and insurance companies share pricing details for medical procedures to provide greater access to health cost information.

Why does healthcare price transparency matter?

With more accessible pricing information, people can make more confident and cost-effective choices when selecting medical providers.

Where does Hi Neo come in?

Our pricing comparison tool harnesses the power of price transparency, revolutionizing the healthcare experience. It enables people to compare medical costs, benefit details, and provider quality ratings, all in one convenient platform—making “shopping” for healthcare procedures as easy as comparing flights or accommodations when planning a trip.

We're Hi Neo

Providers make pricing data accessible.
Our platform makes it easy.

Identifies the most cost-effective providers

Provides a centralized location for cost information

Simplifies the delivery of accurate pricing data

Ensures compliance with changing regulations

Empowers better informed decision-making


Compare procedures. Save money.
Make more informed healthcare decisions.