Incorrect Estimates Lead to Patients Leaving

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With inflation and other economic challenges financially harming consumers, rising healthcare costs are taking an even greater toll on patients. A recent study show that incorrect estimates lead to patients leaving. A survey done by PYMNTS and Experian Health found that 60% of individuals who struggle to pay their bills are canceling healthcare appointments after receiving high-cost estimates. The survey also found that a whopping 75% of millennials do the same.

Poor cost estimates can have drastic effects on a patient’s life especially when unexpected medical issues arise. Their survey found that about 60% of patients who paid out-of-pocket costs and received inaccurate estimates are looking to switch healthcare providers in the hopes of finding better estimates and lower payments.

KFF did numerous polls and found that about 50% of U.S. adults say they have difficulty affording health care costs and go so far as to either delay or totally avoid medical care because of the costs. Inaccurate cost estimates worsen this intensely prevalent anxiety and apprehension when paying for healthcare. Patients want assurance that the number at the end of their bill will be something they can expect, plan for, and comfortably pay off.

Here is where Hi-Neo comes in. Hi-Neo is a pricing comparison tool that harnesses the power of price transparency and will revolutionize your healthcare experience. These costs are based on your insurance so you don’t experience incorrect estimates leading to patients leaving. You can compare medical costs, benefit details, and provider quality ratings in one convenient platform. Planning out healthcare procedures can be as easy as planning a trip. Hi-Neo’s mission is to lower healthcare costs and inspire individuals to be proactive about their health. Don’t let health providers’ poor cost estimates stop you from seeking the health care you need and deserve.

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