Your Superhero Mom is Stressed

She’s the one that immediately finds whatever you’re looking for around the house. The one who’s capable of managing kids, the house and, somehow dinner. And she’s the one drowning in stress.

It’s no secret that moms have been expected (for centuries now) to maintain the house, keep a husband happy and wrangle the children. Thankfully, as society has advanced and changed women have been staking their claim in the workforce and even dominating certain fields. However, the expectations at home haven’t disappeared.

Women have been tasked with balancing devotion to their children and their work. They are expected to complete the impossible on their own. While there are stay-at-home dads out there and partners that help pitch in, it’s sadly rare.

The problem is structural and systemic with some countries offering little maternity leave and aid to mothers. And it’s not for a lack of money (the U.S. is an extremely wealthy nation and ranks incredibly low in support for working mothers) but rather it’s the lack of solutions and policies. A decent portion of western society and especially America are still caught up in the traditional, and frankly dated, vision of home life and the family.

This begs the question: how can I help? Pushing and raising awareness for social change, voting and writing to your public officials to push for new legislation and, if you’re a partner to a hard-working mother try to help out. Take on responsibilities and alleviate some of the crushing pressure.

So, to all the moms out there we know you are struggling, we want to help and none of this is your fault. Stay strong!

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