The Key to Keto

You may have overheard or were told about the new popular diet everyone’s in to: Keto. The ketogenic diet is a very low carb and high fat diet. It’s been found to be incredibly effective for weight loss, diabetes, blood sugar management, and epilepsy.

Generally, you’re limited to 20-50 grams of carbs per day. This low carb limit means a lot of people turn to incredibly high fat and unhealthy snacks to curb their cravings and hunger. The easiest way to guide yourself is to think protein and greens. Seafood is a great source of protein as well as B vitamins and potassium while being healthier than red meats. Poultry is another great source while also providing B vitamins and important minerals. For non-meat eaters, tofu, eggs, Greek yogurt and cheeses are great alternatives to get protein into your diet.  

But keto is more than meat and dairy! Low-carb vegetables are your best friend and the best thing to turn to. Non-starchy vegetables (sorry potatoes) are low in both calories and carbs while still being high in vitamin C and minerals. They can also be fantastic substitutes for high carb foods so, when you’re craving pasta try zoodles or use spaghetti squash to make your own fun pasta! Cauliflower is super versatile and can be a great stand in for rice or mashed potatoes. Avocado is an excellent addition to your keto artillery. While being a great source of several vitamins and minerals it can also serve as a low calorie and healthy substitute for butter.

Overall, while the keto diet may seem hard or incredibly restrictive in reality it has multiple options at your disposal. Remember that greens are your friend and proteins are entirely up to you!

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