Tanya Tohill-Farber, MBA
Founder & CEO

I’m passionate about healthcare and making it better from the patients' experience.

Tanya Tohill-Farber is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare and pharma industries. With a remarkable track record, Tanya brings a wealth of expertise in business development, sales, and strategic leadership.

Tanya has demonstrated her ability to drive growth and deliver results. Her exceptional business acumen has enabled her to close a notable $7.5 million deal and secure the first two US deals within the first eight months while working with Watson Health.

As an instrumental figure at IBM, Tanya played a pivotal role in developing the go-to-market strategy for Watson Oncology in Europe and Asia, driving its successful expansion. She also took charge as the project lead for regulatory certification of Watson for CE mark in the Netherlands, showcasing her deep understanding of compliance and market requirements.

Leading a remote team for IBM Watson Health across Europe and Asia Pacific, Tanya showcased ger exceptional leadership skills by propelling the team from zero deals to an impressive 188% of their $64 million quota by the third quarter.

As CEO, Tanya is dedicated to driving growth, innovation and positive change. She is passionate about healthcare and building better patient experiences. With a strategic mindset and an analytical approach, she excels at navigating complex landscapes, analyzing market trends and developing innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Under Tanya’s leadership, Hi Neo is poised to achieve unprecedented success, deliver value and transform the healthcare landscape.

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