Empower physical and financial wellness.

Provide your employees with everything they need to make decisions that are better for their health—and their wallets.

Hi Neo exercising

A new way to care for your employees.

Hi Neo connects your workforce with the ability to compare healthcare procedure pricing.

Calculate costs.

Quickly estimate procedure expenses with ease to make well-informed decisions that are better for your wellbeing—and your wallet.

View quality ratings.

Access provider scores and reviews alongside pricing information to better understand your options.

Compare providers.

Evaluate cost, location, patient ratings and expertise and choose the provider that feels best for you.

Why It Matters

Many people put off necessary healthcare due to high or confusing costs. We believe that the more transparent we can make procedure pricing, the more people will understand that there are affordable options out there.

Benefits Built for Employers

Give your team the ability to compare providers and identify the best value options for their healthcare needs, reducing out-of-pocket expenses for them and overall health spend for you.

The healthcare landscape is changing. Hi Neo ensures that you’re offering employees the tools to navigate and comply with rules and regulations around pricing transparency in healthcare.

Help your employees see the full picture before scheduling a procedure. Hi Neo pulls in pricing information as well as quality ratings to help users better understand their options.

Provide a more accurate and detailed picture of the costs associated with a procedure with plan-specific pricing that takes deductibles and copays into account.

Employees who feel supported in managing their healthcare needs are also more likely to prioritize their wellbeing, leading to a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Hi Neo Benefits Build for Employers
Saving Stories

High quality care. Lower costs. One Hi Neo and California Blue customer chose the 5-star CMS-rated hospital over lesser rated hospitals in their area and saved $9,896.43 in out-of-pocket expenses.

Features Designed for Employees

Familiar Experience

Just like shopping for hotels or flights.

Plan-specific Filters

With deductible and copay estimates.

Hi Neo – Features for Employees

Simple Search Tools

For finding procedure details in no time.

Accurate Cost Estimation

From synthesizing insurance & provider data.


Compare procedures. Save money.
Make more informed healthcare decisions.